What Do You Hate About Working For Someone Else?

What do you hate about working for someone elseMost people in the workforce are employees of someone else. It may be the government, a company, a small business or even a non-profit organization.

The fact is that most people who are employees of someone else, hate their jobs.

Why is that?

If you are in this position, maybe you should just stop here for a minute or two and think through why you hate your job.

A survey conducted by the National Business Research Institute identified the ten things that employees dislike the most about working for someone else.

It is reported at https://www.nbrii.com/employee-survey-white-papers/10-things-employees-dislike-most-about-their-employers/

They found that for American workers, job satisfaction was decreasing and was less now than 20 years ago.

Here are the ten things they identified that employees disliked the most:

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Unfair Pay
  3. No Job Security
  4. Under Appreciation
  5. Favoritism
  6. Overworked
  7. Micromanagement
  8. Incompetent Managers
  9. No Opportunity for Advancement
  10. Overbearing Boss

The article makes interesting reading and goes into more detail about each of these issues.

But my question is this… if around 70% of employees hate working for someone else, why are they still working there?

There are options people!

Firstly, you might consider looking for a job with another employer. You do not have to stay where you are. There are other businesses that work in the same industry that you are currently in and may be looking for people with your skillset.

Secondly, you might consider undertaking some training in a new skill area and find a job in a completely different industry.

Then again, you might consider starting your own business. If you hate working for somebody else, maybe working for yourself is the answer.

My experience is that many people do not start their own business for the same reason that they choose to stay in jobs they hate. That reason is that there is some risk involved in making a change.

“Better the devil you know that the one you don’t”. Right?

Well I can’t say I agree with that as I have run my own business for the vast majority of my working career.

But I can say this… if you run your own business, and want it to grow, you will need to employ people. And when you start to employ people, you will need to bear in mind the things that employees dislike most about their employers that we have identified here. Only then will you start to build a team that will bring you success.